Vision eGo USB Charger with Cord


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About Vision eGo USB Charger with Cord

Vision is a reputed brand in the e-cig sector and carries a reputed name. If you are an e-cig user, you would be aware of some of its reputed brands including Vision Spinner and Vivi Nova. We also offer atomizer kits and vision cartomizers. You can make a selection for your e-cigarette. The Vision spinner battery has been improved and now has a new logo and appearance.

Vision USB Charger for e-cigarettes -with Cord

Product Instructions
Vision USB charger(with cord) for e-cigarettes is the ecigarette USB charger with cord for Vision batteries and other ego threaded batteries. 420mA USB charger with CE and ROHS certification.

Input voltage: DC 5V
Output voltage: DC 4.2V

Vision eGo USB Charger with Cord contains
  • 1pc Vision USB charger
  • 1pc USB Charger Manual
Simple packing. Customary packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

Operation Guide

For the first time using this charger on the Spinner II, if the charging stops in the middle before the battery fully charged, please unscrew the battery and screw it again to resume the charging process.

Vision eGo USB Charger with Cord Operation Guide

Order Tips

  • Vision eGo USB Charger with Cord contains ego thread.
  • It's highly recommended to fully charge the battery before you remove the battery from charger.

Vision eGo USB Charger with Cord Order Tips

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