VapeOnly vAir-V Coil for Smooth/Vigo 5pcs


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About VapeOnly vAir-V Coil for Smooth/Vigo 5pcs

VapeOnly is known as a high-end electronic cigarette brand that produces luxurious, high-powered and efficient mods for every vape enthusiast, no matter what their preferred styles are. This brand is constantly updating their styles and selections, determined to never let their customers down. Their newest products, including the VapeOnly vPipe kit, the VPulse battery and their unique cartomizers, can all be found here as well as a vast selection of other VapeOnly products for your consideration, all at a low prices.

There is another kit named as VapeOnly Smooth Starter. It is an amazing device that has many features that can help the users. The features are described below: The capacity of the battery inside the Vapeonly Smooth Starter is 1000mAh. You can also adjust the level of power according to the need and the adjustable level of powers are 10W/ 15W/ 20W. The juice capacity is 2ml. There is a touch button present on the Vapeonly Smooth Starter from which you can adjust the level of the power. The coil present in the Vapeonly Smooth Starter has the resistance capacity of 0.8 ohms. The type of the coil is KA1. It brings flavor to the device.



Coil: 0.8ohm KA1
Quantity: 5pcs/pack

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VapeOnly vAir-V Coil for Smooth/Vigo 5pcs contains

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

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