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About UD IMP RDA Atomizer

UD vapes is a company that believes in streamlining their designs and creating lines that vape enthusiasts all across the board can enjoy. Their motto is "unification of design," and they focus not only on bringing high quality designs to the market but also creating high quality ones as well. The company specializes in RBA tanks and are best known for their Goblin Mini and Zephyrus tanks. Because of their reliability and quality, they have long been accepted by DIY vapers far and wide.

Make building your decks easier than ever when you use the UD IMP RDA. The RDA is wide and easy to build on, and each one features 2.5-millimeter diameter post holes for you to easily install your wire coils. The wire drip tip allows you to inhale the vapor more easily, and for those who enjoy large clouds, there is a spiral airflow that helps to funnel plenty of vapor up at once. The simple 510 connection makes them compatible with almost any mod.


Product introduction


Diameter: 22 mm

Height with top cap: 29mm

Height with wire drip tip: 40mm
Oil Capacity: Dripping
Connection: 510 thread

UD IMP RDA atomizer comes with

  • 1 x UD IMP RDA tank
  • 1 x spare top cap
  • Accessory bag: o-rings, screw, wick and wire

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

Detailed Instructions


1. two negative posts and one positive post with 2.5mm post hole

2. wide bore drip tip with spiral groove

3. ceramic base

4. airflow adjustable through base

Operation Guide


1. Prepare scissors, screwdriver, tweezers before beginning.

2. Unpack the accessory bad and wrap the wire to the wick.

3. Disassemble the base pedestal from the tank.

4. Take one wire made in step 2, one end connected to hole a (from left to right, a, b, c post), and tighten up the screw, the other end to post b; take the second wire made in step 2, opposite, one end connected to the hold c and tighten up the screw, the other end to hole b, then tighten up the screw in hole b; Connect the MOD for short circuit test.

5. Cut extra wires, well wrap the wick, inject oil, assemble the top cap or drip tip, and properly adjust the air flow by turning the connecting tube, then to vape.

6. To use a small drip tip, please the wide drip tip with the top cap.

7. Connect the atomizer to the MOD and enjoy vaping.

Note: do not inject too much or too less liquid.

UD IMP RDA Atomizer imp

Order Tips

  • It doesn't come with e-liquids. You shall buy separately.
  • UD IMP RDA Atomizer containsout coil built.

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