UD Atomizer DIY Roll Coil 10m


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About UD Atomizer DIY Roll Coil 10m

UD vapes is a company that believes in streamlining their designs and creating lines that vape enthusiasts all across the board can enjoy. Their motto is "unification of design," and they focus not only on bringing high quality designs to the market but also creating high quality ones as well. The company specializes in RBA tanks and are best known for their Goblin Mini and Zephyrus tanks. Because of their reliability and quality, they have long been accepted by DIY vapers far and wide.

UD Atomizer DIY Roll Coil

Product Instructions



Materials: Nichrome, Chromium, Nickel

The product comes with

  • 1 x UD Atomizer DIY Roll Coil

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory,the packing is subject to change without notice.

Operation Guide

How to DIY

Pls wrap the heating coil around the absorbent cotton according to your demand and then fit it on the atomizer

Note: Pls do not dry burn the cotton directly, otherwise it might get on fire. Drip little e-juice in the absorbent cotton to make that moist before filling in the e-juice.

UD Atomizer DIY Roll Coil 10m Operation Guide

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