SO GOOD Premium PG+VG E-liquid E-juice Fruity Flavor 10ml


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About SO GOOD Premium PG+VG E-liquid E-juice Fruity Flavor 10ml

As one of the most famous styles of E liquid available in France, this is a product that has since expanded into a number of flavor varieties. Today you can pick up products like tobacco, fruits, menthol, and more. So Good is only continuing to improve its flavor profiles and value. If you're looking for high quality European vape liquid, this is some of the best on the market. So good remains one of the most famous types of the liquid brands. The manufacturer is starting to expand into a number of attractive flavors including menthol, fruits, tobacco and others. So Good can continue to expand its product line adding more flavor and value into the future.

Capacity: 10ml
Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 11mg, 16mg
Flavors: Apple/Blueberry/Cherry/Citrus/Peach Apricot/Lemon/Litchi/Raspberry/Red Fruits/Strawberry
Mixture composed of: 50 % propylene glycol + 50 % vegetable glycerine offering a balanced dosage and generous vapors


Citrus: So citrus, the So Good Citrus e liquid is an explosion of tangy, sweet fruit: lemon, orange and even grapefruit.

Cherry: So cherry, the So Good Cherry e liquid will delight your taste buds with the smooth full taste of this springtime fruit.

Lemon: So lemon, the So Good Lemon e liquid will give your taste buds a wake-up call. Lemon is one of the creamier citrus flavors for vaping.

Strawberry: So tasty, the So Good Strawberry e liquid will surprise you with its truly delicate strawberry aromas.

Raspberry: So… raspberry, the So Good Raspberry e liquid is full of sweetness and the subtleties of this tiny fruit are particularly appreciated by vapers.

Red Fruits: So fruity, the So Good Red Fruit e liquid is a pleasant combination of wild red fruit that is full of flavor.

Litchi: So exotic, the So Good Lychee e liquid is a wonderfully strong fruity taste.

Blueberry: So blueberry, the So Good Blueberry e liquid is a strong tangy nectar.

Peach Apricot: So sweet, the So Good Peach - Apricot e liquid is a superb alliance of sweet fruity savors.

Apple: So golden, the So Good apple e liquid is just like biting into a freshly picked forbidden fruit.


SO GOOD Premium PG+VG E-liquid E-juice Fruity Flavor 10ml contains

  • 1x SO GOOD Premium PG+VG E-liquid E-juice Fruity Flavor 10ml

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

Order Tips

  • It's original France e-juice. Please order it separately. You can order it with other flavors of SO GOOD E-juice together.
  • It ships from France and ships to Europe countries only.
  • 100 % French manufacture with Label "French origin guaranteed".
  • Packaging: In accordance to Article L. 3513-16 all So Good premium e liquid boxes specify:
    • the composition
    • the batch number
    • a recommendation that the product be kept out of children's reach
    • 2 health warnings (except for content 0):
    The nicotine in this product can cause a strong addiction. It is not recommended for non-smokers.
    For your own safety and that of your children So Good premium e liquid bottles have an ISO 8317 standard child resistant safety cap.
  • Compliance: In accordance to Article L. 3513-17, all So Good premium e liquid boxes include a leaflet, the characteristics of which are laid down by Order.
    • Instructions for use and storage
    • Contraindications
    • Warnings for specific risk groups
    • The possible side effects
    • Addiction and toxicity
  • Sorry that we will not provide any refund once the parcel has been delivered.
  • To submit any order means you are completely clear about any possible customs, tax and shipping issues.

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