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About Joyetech eGo ONE Mega Kit 2600mAh

Joyetech is offering you electronic cigarette and e-liquid products too. They bring in a ton of VG and PG flavors too. Everything is easy to carry, and the company releases a plethora of e-cig kits for your convenience like Atopack Penguin, eVic VT, Primo and AIO, as well as Cuboid, UNIMAX and many others.

The Ego One is one of the most popular atomizer heads available on the market today. It can deliver a smooth inhale process and it is produced using a nickel and titanium coil. Over 200 coils are built into every atomizer for advanced temperature control. The v2 direct output on this device offers dual circuit protection and safety guards. The airflow system here is impeccable.

Joyetech eGo ONE Mega Kit - 2600mAh

Product Instructions

Here comes the new product from Joyetech - eGo ONE Mega. A petite yet powerful e-cig!Joyetech eGo ONE Mega Kit 2600mAh contains 4.0ml eGo ONE Atomizer and 2600mAh eGo ONE battery!It uses three types of changeable atomizer heads. One atomizer at 1.0 ohm is intended for mouth inhalers who seek the sensation of taking a puff of an analog cigarette, the other at 0.5 sub-ohm for those seeking an effortless loose draw for creating huge cloud production and also the eGo ONE Pre-made RBA Head with 0.5 ohm for a decent vaping experience!


Colors: black, silver

Catomizer's capacity: 4ml

Diameter: 22mm

Length (cartomizer connected to battery): 134.7mm

Battery capacity: 2600mAh

Joyetech eGo ONE Mega Kit 2600mAh contains
•1 x eGo ONE Mega 2600mAh battery
•1 x 4.0ml eGo ONE Mega Atomizer
•1 x 1.0 ohm eGo ONE Atomizer Head for eGo ONE Atomizer
•1 x 0.5 ohm eGo ONE Sub Ohm Coil Atomizer Head for eGo ONE Atomizer
•1 x USB charger
•1 x AC adapter
•1 x User manual

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

Detailed Instructions

1. Three types of atomizer heads
2. Adjustment of air inflow
3. 2600mAh large capacity
4. Short circuit protection,atomizer protection, low voltage protection, resistance examination and battery display function

Operation Guide

Power on and off: press the button for 5 times in quick succession, the button light will flash 5 times to indicate eGo ONE Mega is already for use. In the same way, eGo ONE Mega will be powered off after 5 presses.

Vaping: press the button and inhale or vape. When the button is held down, the button light will be on.

Charging: simply charge eGo ONE Mega by connecting it with a computer or a wall adapter via USB cable. When it's fully charged, the button light will go out.

E-juice filling: separate the atomizer from the battery and inject the liquid directly into the cambered slot.

Atomizer head replacement: unscrew the atomizer cone, the atomizer head is located on the base. Just unscrew it and replace and clean.

(note: please do not wash the atomizer head with water. Simply scrub it with alcohol cotton or clean with dry cloth.)

Adjustment of air inflow: rotating the ring on the atomizer base clockwise to decrease the air inflow, and counterclockwise to enlarge the air inflow.

Joyetech eGo ONE Mega Kit 2600mAh Operation Guide

Battery display function: the light will flash slowly or stay lit when battery level is high, on the contray, the light flashes in frequency.

Battery quantity Light condition
60% - 100% Stay lit
30% - 59% Slowly flashes
10% - 29% Moderately flashes
0 - 9% Flashes in frequency

The battery light flashes red when charging or connecting with USB, and goes out in 5 seconds when it is fully charged.

Joyetech eGo ONE Mega Kit 2600mAh III

Order Tips

  • It doesn't come with e-liquids. You shall buy separately.


Please check Guarantee Policy

Guarantee period: 3 months for batteries, no warranty for the rest spare parts.

Note: We now need serial number to proceed after-sales service. Please kindly preserve the serial number of product if it's available.


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