Innokin Prism T18 Tank 2.5ml


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About Innokin Prism T18 Tank 2.5ml

Innokin is one of the main factories in the industry and certainly one of the top e-cig companies in China. They are always coming up with great designs and features, like the SVD MOD, VTR and VV MOD, not to mention the Cool Fire 1 and 2, as well as the iTaste model. All of these add up to bring in front rewarding results and benefits you will enjoy. There's also the iClear series cartomizer. You get all you need for the best vaping experience.

The tank series named Prism includes models 22, 18, 18E and 22. They all have great features like the no spilling coil swap system, or the great top filling. You also get Japanese organic cotton, a stainless steel structure and a glass tube made out of Pyrex.

Innokin Prism T18 Tank - 2.5ml

Product Instructions


Size: 18 mm (D) x 64 mm (H)
Capacity: 2.5 ml
Coil: 1.5 ohm

Innokin Prism T18 Tank 2.5ml contains

  • 1 x Innokin Prism Tank (with 1.5ohm coil)
  • 1 x Extra 1.5ohm coil

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.


Quick & easy top fill
Removeable drip tip
100% stainless steel
Pyrex Glass tube
Japanese organic cotton
No Spill coil swap system

2.5ml capacity

Innokin Prism T18 Tank 2.5ml Tank rip tip Base oo ca

Operation Guide

How to refill the Tank
1. Carefully unscrew the top cap from the Tank.
2. Add e-Liquid against the inside wall of the Tank.
Important: After refilling, please wait 5 minutes before vaping.

Replace a coil
1. Hold the Tank with the threading up.
2. Unscrew the bottom Metal cap of the Tank
3. Hold the coil and gently pull to remove.
4. Carefully and safely dispose of the used coil. Keep away from children and pets.
5. Properly align the flat sides of the new coil.
6. Push to fully insert the new coil firmly into Tank.
7. Ensure that the coil is completely inserted.
8. Carefully and firmly tighten the metal cap.
Caution: Make sure there is no e-liquid in the tank before you pull out the coil

Innokin Prism T18 Tank 2.5ml E juice filling

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  • It doesn't come with liquids, you shall buy separately.
  • You can buy replacement Prism Coil.

Innokin Prism T18 Tank 2.5ml 510 Thread No e juice

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