IJOY Katana/Diamond/Captain X3 Replacement Coil 3pcs


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About IJOY Katana/Diamond/Captain X3 Replacement Coil 3pcs

iJOY is a company that is known for the great quality electronic cigarettes and e-cig gears that it produces. It is the first company to have introduced the Taste Control features into the market. The brand has created a great combination with the box MODs of 200W from Asolo along with the ACME tanks to create a long lasting and great experience in vaping.

Captain by IJOY is one of the latest releases by IJOY which includes the new Captain PD1865, Captain PD270 box MOD, also the captain subohm tank. Its dual 20700 cells have the potential of reaching up to 234W. This device also comes with 18650 batteries using an adapter. Captain PD1865 can be considered as a revised version of Captain PD270 having 225W output.

IJOY Katana/Diamond/Captain X3 Replacement Coil 3pcs X3  CIS 029 9010w X3 C1 X3 C3 Sextuple coils X3 C2 X3 C1S  0 4960 90W   0 2990 110W  0 30 60 100W  Wood Pulp Cotton 035940 80W     X3 Mesh Coil KM1 Single Mesh Coil DM C2M Coil DM CIM Co  Wood Pulp Cotton 0 15940 80W  0 3960 100W  0 35940 80W 0 15940 90W  DM DM Coil DM Mesh Coil DM M2 Dual Mesh Coil DM M3 Triple Mesh Coil  0 15940 90W  0 15940 90W   0 1594080W   0 13950 90W


Coil Type:
X3-C1 Dual Coils 0.4ohm (60-90W)
X3-C3 Sextuple Coils 0.2ohm (90-110W)
X3-C2 0.3ohm (60-100W)
X3-C1S 0.35ohm (40-80W)
X3-Mesh 0.15ohm (40-90W)
DM-C1M 0.35ohm (40-80W)
DM-C2M 0.3ohm (60-100W)
DM-Mesh 0.15ohm (40-90W)
DM-DM 0.15ohm (40-90W)
DM-M2 0.15ohm (40-80W)
DM-M3 0.13ohm (50-90W)
KM1 0.15ohm (40-80W)
Quantity: 3pcs/pack

Packing List

IJOY Katana/Diamond/Captain X3 Replacement Coil 3pcs contains

  • 1x Katana/Diamond/Captain X3 Replacement Coil 3pcs

Simple packing. Customary packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

Order Tips

  • Please note that the DM-C2M 0.3ohm Coil & DM-C1M 0.35ohm Coil comes with NO WARNINGS.
  • It is for IJOY Katana Subohm Tank, IJOY Katana TC Kit, Captain X3 Tank , Captain X3 Kit , Diamond PD270 Kit, Diamond subohn tank, IJOY Katana Subohm Tank and Avenger Subohm Tank.
  • You can also select IJOY Shogun Mesh Coil in VapeNico. It's also compatible with the Tank mentioned above.

IJOY Katana/Diamond/Captain X3 Replacement Coil 3pcs Captain x3 Tank Captain X3 Kit

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