Eleaf ECR Atomizer Head for iJust 2/iJust S/Melo 2/Melo 3/Melo 3 Mini


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About Eleaf ECR Atomizer Head for iJust 2/iJust S/Melo 2/Melo 3/Melo 3 Mini

Eleaf is one of the most recent e-ciggereate company offering quality products along with state of the art customer support. The company has regular customers who prefer its products. Some of the products that we offer include eleaf mini iJust battery, rebuildable atomizer, elaf iJust mod, iSmoka iGo Mod and several other products. You can visit our online shop and buy ismoka electronic cigerrate to get the best e-smoking experience.

The Melo series comprises of big atomizers by ELeaf. The Melo2, Mel0 RT22, Melo 3 and Melo 3 mini are some of the atomizers included in this series. In case of the Melo 3, there is an adjustable airflow at the bottom apart from a structure that is detachable. The head comprises of six coils and produces output between 100 and 300 watts. The ELeafMelo is easy to refill as it has a retractable top. It shares an ideal combination with the ASTER RT MOD. You can choose one of the Melo atomizers according to the needs that you have.

Eleaf ECR Atomizer Head for iJust 2/Melo 2/Melo 3/Melo 3 Mini - 1ohm

Product Instructions


Resistance: 1ohm
Wattage: 20W - 30W

Eleaf Melo 2 atomizer head comes with

1 x Eleaf ECR Atomizer Head - 1ohm

1 x Organic cotton

1 x Heating wire

Simple packing. Customary Packing from the factory, the packing is subject to change without notice.

Detailed Instructions


1. Organic cotton

2. Reuseable and rebuildable

Operation Guide

How to replace atomizer head
1. Screw the base off atomizer firstly.
2. Screw off the atomizer head from base and replace a new one.

Eleaf ECR Atomizer Head for iJust 2/iJust S/Melo 2/Melo 3/Melo 3 Mini Operation Guide

Order Tips

  • It's only suitable for iJust 2/iJust S/Melo 2/Melo 3/Melo 3 Mini.
  • It cannot be used with Lemo 3 and Eleaf Melo Subohm Atomizer.
  • Please first drip a few drops of e-liquid directly into pure cotton so as to make the cotton fully soaked before vaping.

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